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Artisanal slow jewellery handmade in the heart of Kavala, Greece.

Founded in 2019 by British Palestinian designer Noor, NURNEI is an independent jewellery brand that focuses on ethically produced jewellery using the ancient method of lost wax casting.

Freshly graduated with a BSc in Geology and an MSc in Geochemistry with focus on climate change impact on marine bivalves, Noor relocated to Kavala, Greece with a career in science research in mind. In her spare time, Noor set out to find a local artisanal jewellery workshop to develop her existing knowledge of jewellery making. It was here Noor began to observe and learn the art of silversmithing.

With an old set of coins minted 'Palestine' from her father and the newly gained experience of jewellery making, Noor launched her namesake brand, NURNEI. The debut collection, The Coin Collection featured replicas of these coins adorned with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Bringing together elements from her professional career from precious minerals and metals to marine shells, and her personal journey of research into the history of her homeland, NURNEI is a culmination of all things Noor. From her love of science, nature and the environment, to her Palestinian identity and ancient history of Palestine.

Surrounded by views of the Mediterranean and mountains, Noor continues to be inspired by nature’s colour palette, textures and organic shapes creating contemporary yet timeless lifestyle jewellery. Adopting the local slow pace of life, Noor aligns herself with the slow jewellery movement and designs and creates jewellery when truly inspired.



The Debut Collection

What was once a keepsake given to her by her father, later became a source of inspiration. As a Palestinian in diaspora, there are few ways to physically attach to a homeland out of reach, for Noor that's what made these coins minted 'Palestine' sentimental. Knowing others could relate, Noor curated a collection with these coins drawing from traditional coin jewellery but with a contemporary twist.

With the intention of supporting artisans in Palestine and a centuries old craft, Noor designed the Mother of Pearl Map Pendant. Hand cut and engraved Palestine by artisanal craftsmen, this special piece is made in Bethlehem.



Mesmerised by their purple pink iridescence, these unusual oyster shells found along the shores of Kavala were often collected by Noor. Smooth on one side and intricately textured on the other, both natural textures are perfectly captured in the process of lost wax casting. Complimented with freshwater pearls to make a statement, this shell collection plays on natural asymmetry and the perfectly imperfect.



Handmade in Palestine

Our mother of pearl Palestine map pendant is handmade by mother of pearl artisans in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Mother of pearl craft is a centuries old craft, believed to have been introduced to Palestinians by Franciscan monks who came from Damascus to Bethlehem around the 15th century. Since the 17th century Bethlehem witnessed a major development in the manufacture of mother of pearl, encouraged by tourists and pilgrims who would buy souvenirs and gifts from their travels. Until today, the traditional craft continues to be passed on from one generation to the next.



Where Function Meets Jewellery

With the intention of creating jewellery that could simultaneously be used as a prayer beads, Noor reimagined the classic pearl necklace into a contemporary functional design. Each design intentionally features 33 pearls and a hand carved toggle clasp for ease of wear whilst complimenting the different types of freshwater pearls. Wear as statement jewellery and/or use as a prayer beads.




Philistia was the land of the Philistines, a thriving coastal community in the southwestern part of Ancient Palestine, Canaan.

This collection is curated around ancient & recent history of Palestine; featuring a selection of rare coins from 5th - 4th Century BC Philistia & onwards from Greek, Roman & Phoenician civilisations. Other symbols include the Key of Return - a symbol of loss and hope, and the Olive Leaf that reflects the deep roots & connection to the motherland.