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Debonair is the best in class niche magazine for men in the Middle East. Probably one of the finest in the world.


The current momentum of the group: making the transition from a publishing group to a global business partner for brands.  

The group is resolutely multi-channel, and with Debonair, the jewel of the group, we focus on bringing a variety of bespoke opportunities for brands.

The system we are building together is made to each brand, whether they are established, whether they are rising, weither they are new comers.


The opportunity for a brand?  Integrate a dedicated system of awareness, attractivity and differentiated online presence. 


Together with Debonair, we establish niche brands within the region and curate solutions to these brands business challenges through print, digital, an online presence, dapper events & PR. 

A new business approach for brands

A new commercial communication 

Bespoke PR

Interactive Content

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