A New Drive For Your Business



Strategic partners for fragrances, 

cosmetics, fashion, watches & jewellery, or disruptive projects. Whether you are a key player, a rising brand, or a new comer, we will support your long-term establishment within the retail arena and with the right business, marketing, digital and communication levers.


Agile boutique firm established with a unique network between Europe and the Middle East markets. 


Digital pioneers designing solutions for companies & brands seeking an adapted marriage between brand building, retail experience & bespoke consumer experiences.


We build initiatives & solutions to merge

the old and the new. 


We are driven, savvy, and stay true to our entrepreneurial spirit. We love nurturing a business for it to florish.

Our ideas are backed-up by experience gained in top-tier international firms within the communication/ marketing, consultancy, public relations, finance and retail industries. 

Retail experts

The shift of retail suggests a new behaviour for brands and companies to stand-out: we design curated solutions with interactive technologies & real-time experiences.

Why? Because a consumer experience happens within a retail & digital structured 


A Middle East Partner 

We build brands with our refined perspective on business performances. Weither you are established, or wish to enter the market we know how to design and operate your long-term establishment.

What we do is bespoke, thus distinctive from all aspects of the business.      

Content & relationships curators

Content is king, but content isn't relevant without a specific system of production and diffusion. 

We engage our clients to become thought leaders: reach audiences, develop networks,  become a source of information, welcome others to be part of their business journey.






A Fragrance workshop  


We introduced a breakthrough concept in fragrances in the Middle East region: 


Green I Clean I Alcohol-free I Hydrating I Long lasting I Molecular

A B2B business entering a B2C business model 


Wella professionals, a leader in the B2B business, was seeking for a differentiated approach towards its top clients.

In the occasion of the launch of a new collection, we proposed & organized an event to indulge the leaders of the hair industry through an interactive and digital event to further develop their relationship and communication with their clients.