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One Another: Byredo Holiday with Laila Gohar


Creating and celebrating traditions that bond us as human beings, one to another.

“Growing up amidst different cultures, I realised from an early age there is no single way to celebrate holiday. Everyone has their own take on what it means, some traditional, others entirely made up. That was where Laila and I found common ground. Eschewing the hallmark ideas around ‘how to celebrate’ holiday and instead zooming in on the human connection. That’s really what it’s all about, spending time and being present with those that matter the most to you.”  Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo.


For this holiday season, Byredo explores conviviality and human connection with a one-stop gifting destination seen through the lens of Artist, Laila Gohar. Mixing traditions old and new, reimagining celebrations and inventing occasions - our playful offering of gift sets and curiosities are destined for any holiday table.


“I grew up in Egypt and our community was pretty eclectic with people of different religions and ethnicities. Instead of traditional holidays, my family had a custom of celebrating something seemingly mundane and turning it into an occasion. I carry on with these ‘made up holidays’ until today.” Laila Gohar, Artist.


Working closely with Ben, the holiday motif was born as a shared visual manifestation of One Another. Mozzarella carefully braided and adorned with silk ribbon, the humble potato dressed delicately with a rose tattoo, beans nestled side-by-side, touching as a symbol of togetherness.


“I wanted to make a pattern that reflected the world I inhabit in my day-to-day work, where food is central. I am always drawn to the ordinary - a bean, a potato - for me these are the most beautiful forms and I like to treat them with the same attention as very fancy objects.” Laila Gohar, Artist.


 * To download a visual: click on the product visual, then on the download icon

* To download a visual: click on the product visual, then on the download icon


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