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The Limited Edition Flavoured Lip Balms
A sumptuous formulation for performance and kindness, the special blend is made from 100% natural-origin and vegan ingredients, including castor and jojoba seed oils, shea butter, and bran and carnauba waxes. The result: a luxuriously high-end, ultra-moisturising balm that glides smoothly on the lips and, for the first time, imparts a deliciously delicate flavour.
Housed in three new eye-catching pastel shades of Byredo’s signature curvilinear anthracite metal casing, the Flavoured Lip Balm is available in a trio of uniquely mouth-watering tastes.

Camomille d’Anjou : a warm blend of chamomile and bergamot

Bergamotte de Bahia : a zingy hit of lime and bergamot

Thé à la menthe d’Agadir: a minty Moroccan tea infusion

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* To download a visual: click on the product visual, then on the download icon

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