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Young Rose: Byredo dedicates its latest fragrance to youth


”The next generation always has an emotional obligation to rework the traditions of their predecessors. It’s their role to take that fearless dive into the unknown; to discover and develop what’s next. Young Rose salutes that spirit.” 

—Ben Gorham, Creative Director & Founder, Byredo


Reframing tradition through the perspectives of a new generation, Young Rose presents an ode to the perennial restlessness of youth: an olfactive diary of those who are writing their own future. 

By layering fiery Sichuan pepper upon a foundation of Damascus rose, the fragrance deliberately defies convention, offering a twisted take on classic romance. 

”Traditions and traditional culture inform my memories of growing up in China, where the inspiration for my photography is deeply rooted. The images I create are merely a romanticisation of such memories.” 

—Leslie Zhang, Photographer 

During visits to China, Ben Gorham was struck by the creative dynamism he discovered there — a spirit that resonates with a global movement of young people making their indelible mark on the world. 

For the global launch of Young Rose, he looked to the country’s buzzing creative scene and collaborated with 28-year-old photographer Leslie Zhang on a series of campaign images. 

As the visual voice of a generation, Zhang’s signature lies in referencing the past in order to create something entirely new. He envelops his subjects in a bygone mirage, abstractly alluding to familiar aesthetic tropes. True visionaries do not fear nostalgia — instead, as they progress forward, they extract and refigure their own histories. 

For the Young Rose campaign, Zhang inscribes a thousand-year-old poem onto young lovers: their body language speaking, literally, of love and longing. These are emotions that endure throughout centuries — just as the rose still stands, unwavering in its symbolism. 

Young Rose notes:


Top: Sichuan Pepper, Ambrette Seeds 

Heart: Damascena Rose, Orris 

Base: Musk, Ambroxan 


Young Rose Packshot.jpg

* To download a visual: click on the product visual, then on the download icon

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